Wander Headshots

One of my favourite sets of headshots I've done. Spent a very wholesome and calming afternoon wandering around the Botanical Garden greenhouses, letting the cast and crew choose different locations for their shot.

“There is a story for you. It is waiting where the snow falls.” Faryn spends most of her days alone, recording the stories of her ancestors in books that will never be read. She is content, until the day comes when she decides to venture further away from home than ever before. It is then that she encounters a village - and a girl - whose way of living shows her that life cannot be lived like the stories she has inherited. Wander is a story about storytelling that captures the human experience in a world just a touch beyond reality. Written by the incredible Faye Guy & Claire Takami Siljedahl, this new and devised piece will take you on a bittersweet journey of nostalgia, tenderness and joy.

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